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Pet Bed & Breakfasts

The daily schedule includes play time, movies, music, exercise, and rest time. Sound like a preschool or day care facility? In actuality, that’s the schedule at Kitty Bed & Breakfast.

Owner Wanda Mayhew converted the upstairs level of her Highland Groomery operation into the Kitty Bed & Breakfast. She adoringly calls it the “cattery,” designed as the “home away from home” for her special guests.

It’s certainly like home with paintings of cats adorning the walls. And it’s like a bed & breakfast for people as it is housed in a quaint, 100-year-old building and decorated with curtains on the windows that match the bedding in the cages.

The cages are designed with comfort and luxury in mind and are double the size of those at most kennels. Each provides three benches for climbing, treat balls for playing and spring water for drinking. The litter area is in a separated space, and unscented clumping litter is cleaned with a separate scoop for each guest. Bunk beds in some cages keep cats that are “siblings” together. All cages have four-poster beds with plastic, cushy mattresses and fresh sheets. Plexiglass backs provide a view of the outdoors from every cage.

“If I were a cat, there’s no place like home,” says Mayhew. “That’s okay for the weekend, but after that, they need more.”More consists of an open play area with a climbing tree, a big cheese with balls for playing and benches along the windows for relaxing in the sun. During their playtime, the feline guests choose what interests them. Only cats that live together play in the play area at the same time. At night, the cats watch movies including Wing Migration, Babe, and Aquarium. Cat Nip Video, Mayhew says, is the favorite.

Owners have peace of mindknowing their cats are living the life of luxury while at the Kitty B&B. But they can also see for themselves with online viewing provided by Mayhew. “They like it so much here,” says Mayhew, who has operated the business since 1989 and moved to the current location in 2002. “Some cats don’t want to go home.”Cats aren’t the only ones who deserve a vacation. The Towson Cat & Dog Hotel gives canines and felines a place for a respite.

Veterinarian John Fioramonti, D.V.M., says the facility employs a large staff —there are 25 caregivers—to ensure each animal gets extra play time. Twice a day, the animals are removed from their cages and taken to a playroom on the second level. They play together only if pre-approved to do so. “It makes their visit less stressful and a little more enjoyable,” he says.The playroom features chairs and benches for relaxing, and balls, throw toys and Kongs for playing. And just like people who often say they need a vacation after their vacation, their animal friends just might feel the same way after staying in an animal bed and breakfast.

Make sure your pets are current on their vaccinations—rabies, distemper, etc. Take a surprise tour of the facility. Planned visits always find employees on their best behavior and the place impeccably cleaned.
Take a look when you’re not expected.
Check the cleanliness of cages, bedding, and water bowls, and make sure the cage is large enough for the animal to move around comfortably. It’s not about volume; it should be about comfort.
Bring your own food for the animal. Many animals get sick if their diets are changed. They may already feel stressed being away from home, so their familiar foods will be comforting.
Make sure the facility has an activity schedule that includes play time and entertainment outside of the cage.
Bring a piece of clothing that smells like home. This adds a feeling of security.
Look to see if the facility provides a homey atmosphere rather than a kennel feel. Artificial plants, paintings, climbing trees, and play areas make the visit feel more like being at home.
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