Kitty Bed & Breakfast

Boarding Information
  • $20.00/night
  • $25.00/night if kitty requires medication
  • Discount available for multiple kittys.
  • Pick up and drop offs are between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Saturday 
  • Grooming services available while boarding with us
For Questions Call  (301) 854-3375

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Our Kitty Bed and Breakfast is a state of the art feline boarding facility unlike any other. We have created a very home like atmosphere with paintings of cats all over, toys, music, television, etc. The building is a Historic Home in Historic Highland Maryland next to Antique shops and a good old fashion meat market. Our vet on call is the Highland veterinary hospital, which is directly next door to our building. Our cages are very large, and have Plexiglas backs allowing cats to view from back and front in cage.

There are several levels for the kitty to climb, with a separate bedroom with a 4 post bed mattress and pillow. For our geriatric guests, we offer cozy, two level cottages. Each cage features a separate potty area with surgical stainless steel litter pans and litter scoops. Our bed linens (which match our window curtains) are laundered after each guest and our mattress and pillow have a plastic coating so they can be disinfected.

Our play area has a colorful tunnel for the cats to play in and a climbing tree with hammocks, boxes and holes to hide in. We have three window beds for those cats that like to lie on window sills and bask in the sun light. Our food and water bowls are stainless steel. We provide our guests Deer Park spring water for the duration of their stay. We also have catnip and treats for our guests, but require the guests bring food from home to maintain their regular diet in order to avoid any upset tummies and bowels. We only use a premium, unscented, clumping litter in our pans. We have installed a web camera system so the family will be able to view their pets from our web site. Each room in our boarding facility features a central stereo system for our guests listening pleasure as well as televisions featuring Animal Planet, nature shows, cartoons, etc. Our kitty's are let out to play a minimum of one hour a day. Only same family cats can play together at same time. Our cages are large enough to house two (same family) cats, in which case we do offer $5.00 off per night for one of them. . A tour of our boarding facility is available for any time during our business hours Monday through Saturday. We hope you come visit us.

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