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Some cat owners believe they do not need to have their cat professionally groomed, because “ cats groom themselves”. Cats lick their fur to help keep clean, but need help to remove loose hair (undercoat). Matting in cats comes from undercoat not being removed in a timely fashion. The cat starts to get a lot of dander because the skin can not breathe. Cats also have a tendency to matt when they are stressed. Some cats come in matted because the owner was on vacation , or there was a death in the family, so they start to lick themselves excessively. When the undercoat gets wet from licking too much, it starts to web together, forming matts.. Never try to remove the matts with scissors. Cats have very thin skin, and the smallest cut to their skin can open up like a zipper. It is crucial to get your cat groomed as soon as possible to avoid having to shave the cat. If your cat needs to be shaved, we have two styles to choose from, Lion clip or British Shorthair Clip. Since cats are an undercoated breed, the clipping may ruin the their coat. There are times we have no choice but to shave, because the cat doesn’t tolerate dematting. I would recommend brushing and combing your cat once a week. You can start brushing when your cat is about 10 weeks old very gently. Once they get used to grooming , they are easier to do. Once in a while I have a cat come in to be groomed that is over twelve years old , and had never been professionally groomed, because the owner didn’t know better. I am told “ I don’t know why my cat is matted, he must of stopped grooming himself” This is a real challenge for me, because the cat has no idea about grooming and is scared to death. The skin is thinner in an older cat, therefore a higher risk for shaving and dematting.

If you are not sure how often to have your cat professionally groomed, please contact us. We will be glad to help.

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